(6:00-8:30) Arrival/organized free play/ breakfast
*Breakfast will no longer be served after 8:00
 *All parents bring in breakfast food for their children

(8:45-9:00) snack time

(9:00) Circle time/good morning songs/show and tell

(9:20) Bathroom break/diapering

(9:30) We follow the creative curriculum outline

(10:00) Art

(10:30) Physical Fitness program designed by a personal trainer for our age groups/outdoor play

(11:15)bathroom break/diapering/free time

(11:30) Lunch and clean up /bathroom break/diapering

(12:30-2:30) rest time/quiet activities

(3:00) bathroom break/diapering/afternoon snack/clean up

(3:30-4:30) organized activities/outside play

(4:30-5:30) organized free play/Departure
 **these times may vary when some activities take longer
Ms. Rikki's Daily Schedule
Mrs. Rikki's Fitness Workout:
Mrs. Rikki's Fitness Workout brings joy to the kids faces.  Mrs. Rikki starts out with warm up exercises (30 second intervals) and then games to follow.  The Fitness Workout lasts for at least one hour.

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Warm Up Exercises
  • Butt Kickers (kids favorite warm-up activity)
  • Calf Raises (tip toes)
  • Jumping Jacks
  • High Knees

There are 7 potential games that the children can chose from.  Listed below are a few of them:
  • Ups and Downs: Place 20 cones spread out around your aerobics area.  Have half of the cones (on their sides) and half of the cones standing up.  Break the class into 2 teams.  Team #1  has to put all of the cones in an upright position and team #2 has to put all of the cones in the down position.  The game starts when music starts and is finished when the music tops.  The winning team is the one that has the most cones in the correct direction!
  • "Fuzzy Die" There are 6 stations set up around the room.  By rolling the die, a game is chosen and the kids must hurry to the correct station.
Station 1- Jump Rope for 1 minute
Station 2- Step Ups for 1 minute
Station 3- Triceps Extension on mat for 1 minute
Station 4-  lunges
Station 5- Front shoulder raise
Station 6- Jump Rope
This workout lasts for 30 minutes and then a cool down walk takes place.