We were at our prior location for 13 years from June of 1996 to May of 2009. Our new location opened June of 2009 and has many new features.  Our play area exceeds 6000 square feet and was expanded in August 2011.  With the expansion of our play area we added picnic tables, benches and more play equipment for the children.

We are well known throughout the Franklin area, especially at our local schools. When we first started we contacted the Kindergarten Teachers in our Franklin area and asked for some advice on what children needed to know to start Kindergarten. The teachers were kind enough to offer some advice and we incorporated some of their suggestions into our daily routine.

We have been at this new location since 2009 and have added many new families to our Daycare.
Meet the Staff

Rikki Boyce
Rikki received her Early Childhood Education through MATC. She spent the following 2 years absorbing as much knowledge as possible at a large Daycare.

During this time Rikki was fortunate enough to meet and befriend a Deputy Chief of Day Care Licensing for the State. She encouraged her to go out on her own and teach the children structure the way Rikki felt it should be done. The Deputy Chief offered her the proper tools to do it.

Rikki did in-home child care for 8 years. During this time she continued learning through seminars and various classes offered through the state and county.

She received her State License in 1996 and opened the doors to many new faces. She has no problems remembering children’s names but sometimes their parents name comes to mind a bit slower!

Rikki had a dream for many years to construct her own Day Care and by May of 2009 her dream was fulfilled.

She and her husband Bob (Mr Bob to the children) have been blessed with 3 great children, Lisa, Jeff and Robert.  Rikki and Bob also have 3 amazing grandchildren- Kyrstin Ann, Brandon Scott and Alexander Todd.  They all make us very proud.  We also have Bella our yellow lab.

In her free time Rikki enjoys swimming, long walks, leisure reading, cooking, and shopping.

Family and friends are most important to her but spending time alone with the grandchildren is the best.

Children have always been part of her life and she tries daily to show each child how important they are.

Rikki can now relate to parents who work and go to school.  She recently enrolled in college and has completed the administrative credentials as of June 2014.

Ms. Eileen
Eileen has been with us since 1997.  She works with the 2 and 3 year old children and offers much compassion to each child.  Her favorite time is circle time when they sing and laugh together.  All Eileen's time is spent trying to give each child the special attention they need away from home.  Eileen enjoys talking with parents and sharing daily activities.  If  I am unavailable, please feel free to go to Eileen for answers, if she can't help you, she will leave me a note and I will contact you as soon as I am able. We treasure Eileen's input and honesty.  In May 2017, Ms Eileen will have completed her credentials in Pre School, we are very proud of her.  Eileen is truly a good FRIEND of Mrs. Rikki's.  

Ms. Cynthia
Cynthia is a lead teacher in the baby room.  The care Cynthia gives your child when you are at work is unbelievable.  Any time through out the day you will find Cynthia hugging and offering attention to each and every child.  Each day is not always smooth but love goes into each and every day.  Cynthia has been with the daycare since 2007.  Mrs Tracy and Ms Jennifer work with the infants along side Cynthia.  They both have excelled under her guidance.  This is the only room with 3 teachers.

Mrs. Debra
Mrs Debra joined our staff in 2011. She works with the 2 and 2 ½ year olds. Debra’s creative art projects decorate the room. She enjoys having the children dance and sing to use up some of their extra energy. Debra has her credential in Infant Toddler. We are proud that she enjoyed going to school to better equip herself to help the children. Debra’s partner is Ms. Ashlee.

Ms. Ashlee
Ms Ashlee joined our staff in 2014. She is amazing. Ashlee can go into any room to help and you would have thought she always was there. Ashlee adapts to every situation with ease. It seems she is always in motion. All the children love her because she shows so much love to them. She is truly a made to order teacher.

Ms. Joy
Joy was a surprise for the day care. She came in and asked if we were looking for part time help.  Joy had a full time job at the time and was just looking around for other interests.The first month we knew we wanted this wonderful girl to join our staff full time.  Joy makes sure every parent is informed immediately if there is any problem with their child from a tiny boo-boo to a fever that is rising slowly.  She is always one step ahead to keep the parents posted.  We are so happy to have her with us.  Joy joined our staff in 2012. She is our 4 and 5 year old teacher.  Joy has excelled at teaching Spanish, which she teaches 5 days a week.

Ms. Katelynn
Katelynn has been working with us through her junior and senior year of high school She will graduate in June of 2017. Katelynn is a floater who goes from room to room to help out. Katelynn will take one year off then enter college. All our teachers love Katelynn as do the children.

Ms. Kyrstin
Kyrstin has worked with us through her entire college days, on summer breaks and holidays. In May of 2015, she graduated from Carrol College with Honors. Her degree is in criminal law/psychology. One day she will join the sheriff’s department, but until then she will continue to love all the children and treasure her time with them. Her creativity with the toddlers is amazing and so is her patience. Kyrstin has a special place in my heart because I am her grandma.

Mrs. Lisa
Lisa works at the front desk four days a week.  Lisa is my daughter and takes care of all computer work, greets parents daily, offers tours to new families, and much more.  You all can imagine how many times the phone rings at our Daycare, we love to hear from the parents but the sales people can drive anyone crazy.  Lisa blocks all these unwanted calls by saying I am unavailable or explains that all calls go through her and if Rikki is interested, she will return the call.  If any teachers need resources found or info typed for their room, they go to Lisa.  She is my right arm at work.  Rikki is lucky to say that she gets to see one of her Angels every day at work.  When they advertise to bring your child to work, Rikki says she gets to do that everyday.

She is my Angel at work. When you see our special events during the year its because Lisa took charge and organized each program.  Examples of this is our Trike a Thon and Christmas Program. The children LOVE to make her pictures to hang by her desk and ask her lots of questions. In cases of teachers getting ill, Lisa also has helped out in our class rooms. Lisa was very involved as President of the Eisenhower Cheerleaders, but now that Alex is graduating Lisa will have a few extra minutes.  In May 2017 Lisa will have completed her Credential for pre schoolers. We are very proud. Our Young Star program keeps lisa very busy also so I think she might have to say good bye to those extra minutes.