We were at our prior location for 13 years from June of 1996 to May of 2009. Our new location opened June of 2009 and has many new features.  Our play area exceeds 6000 square feet and was expanded in August 2011.  With the expansion of our play area we added picnic tables, benches and more play equipment for the children.

We are well known throughout the Franklin area, especially at our local schools. When we first started we contacted the Kindergarten Teachers in our Franklin area and asked for some advice on what children needed to know to start Kindergarten. The teachers were kind enough to offer some advice and we incorporated some of their suggestions into our daily routine.

We have been at this new location since 2009 and have added many new families to our Daycare.
Meet the Staff

Mrs. Rikki, Director/Owner
Rikki received her Early Childhood Education through MATC. She spent the following 2 years absorbing as much knowledge as possible at a large Daycare.

During this time Rikki was fortunate enough to meet and befriend a Deputy Chief of Day Care Licensing for the State. She encouraged her to go out on her own and teach the children structure the way Rikki felt it should be done. The Deputy Chief offered her the proper tools to do it.

Rikki did in-home child care for 8 years. During this time she continued learning through seminars and various classes offered through the state and county.

She received her State License in 1996 and opened the doors to many new faces. She has no problems remembering children’s names but sometimes their parents name comes to mind a bit slower!

Rikki had a dream for many years to construct her own Day Care and by May of 2009 her dream was fulfilled.

She and her husband Bob (Mr Bob to the children) have been blessed with 3 great children, Lisa, Jeff and Robert.  Rikki and Bob also have 3 amazing grandchildren- Kyrstin Ann, Brandon Scott and Alexander Todd.  They all make us very proud.  We also have Bella our yellow lab.

In her free time Rikki enjoys swimming, long walks, leisure reading, cooking, and shopping.

Family and friends are most important to her but spending time alone with the grandchildren is the best.

Children have always been part of her life and she tries daily to show each child how important they are.

Rikki can now relate to parents who work and go to school.  She recently enrolled in college and has completed the administrative credentials as of June 2014.

Ms. Eileen & Ms. Debra
Welcome to the 3 & 4 year old room.  The teachers are Ms. Eileen who started in 1996 and Ms. Debra who started in 2011.  We start each day in circle time.  This is where we sing songs, do finger plays and work on letters and numbers.  During structure time, we practice tracing & printing letters and numbers, as time goes on, we have the children print their names and letters, so they are ready for preschool.  We always praise them with positive words and sometimes prizes.

We want their learning to be fun and enjoyable.  Creativity is important, so if some of their art looks a little different thats ok.  Sometimes the eyes or feathers or antlers are in different places than usual but again, thats ok, it's what fun they had creating that counts.

When the weather keeps us in, we try to come up with fun indoor activities to help get some of the wiggles out.  The children favor musical chairs, freeze dance, hide & seek and playing with our parachute.  We try to make our days as educational as we can through fun and imagination.  Ms. Eileen & Ms. Debra love watching the children grow with love that they share everyday. 

Mrs. Cynthia & Mrs. Tracy
These two teachers have been at Mrs. Rikki's for a combined total of 22 years.  Both are very dedicated infant toddler room teachers.  "Our goal is to nurture and provide the best care possible."  The children's ages range from 6wks to about 18 months.  The babies have their own individual schedules and learn through free play, art, music and listening to stories and per socialization.

Miss Joy & Miss Katelynn
Welcome to the Preschool/school age room.  The teachers in this room are Miss Joy & Miss Katelynn.  Miss Joy has been with us since 2009 and Miss Katelynn has been with us since 2016.  During the school year, they focus on building all the fundamentals to prep them for kindergarten.  From learning letter sounds to stretching out words to prep them for reading level 1 books.

Printing is also a main focus, starting with letters and words, then moving onto full sentences with spacing.  They also work on basic addition and subtraction, breaking down math problems with cubes and writing equations.  But it's not all just hard work, there's plenty of time for art projects, singing songs, board games, dancing, exercising activities, and free play!

During the summer while the school kids are off, their curriculum is much different.  They spend most of their tie on outside filed trips, the slip n slide, playing with water balloons, running around on the playground and lots of group activities.  All in all Miss Joy & Miss Katelynn have really enjoyed working with each other and all of their children.  They are always so amazed by how much they have absorbed during their time with them and always sad to see them go. 

Mrs. Jen
Welcome to the Jr. Toddler Room.  Mrs. Jen started in 2016 and enjoys working with children and watching them grow while learning.  The Jr. Toddler room is a transitional room between infants and toddlers.  Ages range from 18 months to 2.  We introduce art, worksheets, group time and sensory play.

Ms. Ashlee
Ms Ashlee has worked for Mrs. Rikki's since 2016 and she has worked in all rooms. Ms Ashlee's main room is with the Toddlers.  As a teacher, she is responsible for the children's daily activities, re-enforcing routines, serving lunch and snacks. Ashlee encourages learning and socialization through fun. She is a fun loving leacher who loves her "job" and enjoys being around children of all ages.

Ms. Kyrstin
Welcome to my mini toddler boot camp.  I am a direct and firm teacher, but I balance my structure with how much I love these children!  My co-teacher and I are strong believers in sensory play and sensory learning.  We incorporate different activities on a weekly basis that are focused around holidays/units/season/etc, depending on the month.  (sensory items include water, sand, slime, shaving cream and lots more). 

Furthermore, we combine various learning techniques (ex. visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc) as all children learn differently.  However, it is good to incorporate all these learning styles as children soak up information like sponges.  We are outside all year long as we definitely love the fresh air and outdoor activities!  Pictures of the children will always be displayed and updated for you to eventually keep.  

Yes, the myth is true... "terrible two's" is real (lol) but my co-teacher and I always work with you and find a way to overcome any/all challenges.  I will end with a quote from the preschool guardian poem that has stuck with me since I began daycare... " please put your mind at ease and cry those tears no more, for I will love him/her and keep him/her safe when you leave them at my door!" Can't wait to meet you! - Ms. Kyrstin

Mrs. Lisa
Lisa works at the front desk four days a week.  Lisa is my daughter and takes care of all computer work, greets parents daily, offers tours to new families, and much more.  You all can imagine how many times the phone rings at our Daycare, we love to hear from the parents but the sales people can drive anyone crazy.  Lisa blocks all these unwanted calls by saying I am unavailable or explains that all calls go through her and if Rikki is interested, she will return the call.  If any teachers need resources found or info typed for their room, they go to Lisa.  She is my right arm at work.  Rikki is lucky to say that she gets to see one of her Angels every day at work.  When they advertise to bring your child to work, Rikki says she gets to do that everyday.

She is my Angel at work. When you see our special events during the year it's because Lisa took charge and organized each program.  Examples of this is our Trike a Thon and Christmas Program. The children LOVE to make her pictures to hang by her desk and ask her lots of questions. In cases of teachers getting ill, Lisa also has helped out in our class rooms. In May 2017, Lisa earned her Credential for pre schoolers. We are very proud. Our Young Star program keeps lisa very busy also so I think she might have to say good bye to those extra minutes.